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M.: W.: Sunset Grand Lodge
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A Glimpse of Dallas ca. 1909
Downtown Dallas, TX 2019

About Us

Sunset Grand lodge was formed in 1901 by former members of the Free and accepted Masons of the State of Texas.  In 1908 some of the former members of the order, in conjunction with various other colored men, organized five lodges of the “Ancient Free and Accepted Masons,” and later, prior to March 16, 1909, these five lodges organized the Sunset Grand Lodge of Masons, and on March 16, 1909, the state of Texas granted to the Sunset Grand Lodge of Masons a charter, which showed that the Sunset Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons, Colored, of Texas, had incorporated, and that said charter gave to said Grand Lodge the rights to practice ancient free and accepted Masonry in the state of Texas.

Since that time the Sunset Grand Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, has been establishing subordinate lodges, practicing free and accepted Masonry, and engaged solely in a benevolent undertaking — the upbuilding of the negro race and the paying of benefits to the widows and orphans of deceased members of said order.

Whereas, at a “Special Convention” called for said purpose, Sunset Grand Lodge of Texas of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons (Colored), held in the City of Austin, County of Travis, and State of Texas, on to wit; the 16th day of February, A.D. 1909, the following resolution was adopted.

Resolved, that the Sunset Grand Lodge of Texas, accepts the provisions of Chapter 11, Title 21, of the Revised Civil Statutes of Texas, as amended by the Twenty-sixth Legislature, and incorporate thereunder.

Wherefore, by virtue of said Resolution, the officers, and members of the Sunset Grand Lodge of Texas, Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons (Colored) do hereby agree to become a body corporate under Title 21, Chapter 11, and Article 713a enacted by the Twenty-sixth Legislature of Texas, at its regular session.

The officers and members of the Sunset Grand Lodge of Texas, shall be a Grand Master, a Deputy Grand Master, a Grand Senior Warden, a Grand Junior Warden, a Grand Treasurer and a Grand Secretary, and such other officers, members, and committees as may be provided by the Grand Lodge; and the six officers specifically named above, who may from time to time be selected by the Grand Lodge, shall constitute the trustees and Directors having charge of the business affairs of the Grand Lodge, under its laws and regulations during its vacation.  But the Grand Lodge may provide certain duties and powers to be performed and exercised by the Directors of the Masonic Widows and Orphans Home, Colored, or by any other officer or Committee.  At this time the six officers first mentioned above, and their respective residences are, as follows:

I.J. Williams, Grand Master, of Austin, Texas.
J.F.P. Bradley, Deputy Grand Master, of Austin, Texas.
Wm. White, Grand Senior Warden, of Austin, Texas.
T. Calhoun, Grand Junior Warden, of Galveston, Texas
S. C. Smith, Grand Treasurer, of Rockdale, Texas
W. A. Allen, Grand Secretary, of Rockdale, Texas

                The officers and trustees of Subordinate Lodges shall be such as are or may be provided by the Constitution and Laws of the Sunset Grand Lodge.


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