2021 Winter Session

TO:  The Grand Officers, Worshipful Masters, Worthy Matrons, Heads of Affiliate Houses working under a charter or dispensation from the M.W. Sunset Grand Lodge and Sunset Loyal Grand Chapter of Texas, A.R.:


WHEREAS, the Constitution of the M.W. Sunset Grand Lodge of Texas provides for the holding of  stated sessions and other gatherings as the need may require and for notifications of such events to be issued by the Grand Secretary to each officer and the various Subordinate Lodges.

BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, Pursuant the Laws of the M.W. Sunset Grand Lodge of Texas, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and by the authority vested in the office of the Grand Master and in accordance with The Constitution of The Most Worshipful Sunset Grand Lodge of Texas.  I, Anthony Mondrey 33°/90°, Grand Master, am hereby calling the Most Worshipful Sunset Grand Lodge of Texas into its Winter Grand Session to be held on January 16, 2021. It is a Constitutional Mandate that your Lodge/Chapter be represented. Be advised that Winter Session Membership Dues is mandatory for all members regardless of attendance.

BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, that all Grand Lodge/Chapter officers along with the Worshipful Masters, Worthy Matrons of all lodges/chapter and all Heads of Higher House are to assemble with the Grand Body at our Annual Winter Session on Saturday January 16th, 2021. Due to the current Pandemic, we will be holding virtual meetings on Saturday January 16th, 2021. 

BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, that all Secretaries and Treasurers of subordinate Lodges/Chapters, along with the Secretaries and Treasurers of all Higher Degree Departments must attend the “Secretary and Treasurer” mandatory workshop.  Worshipful Masters, Worth Matrons, and Department Heads must attend the mandatory workshop.

BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, that all Worshipful Masters, Worthy Matrons, and Heads of Higher House must present their rosters donating which members paid their Winter Session dues. Please email your completed rosters to the respective Grand Secretaries for your respective body.  For the brotherhood email to grandsecretary357@mwsglot.org. For the sisterhood email to grandsecretaryoes@mwsglot.org. A copy of all documents should be added to your records by your secretaries.
BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, that all Worshipful Masters, Worthy Matrons, and Heads of Higher House must present their completed yearly calendar for coordination with the Grand Bodies Calendar.

BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, that all Worshipful Masters, Worthy Matrons, and Heads of Higher House must present their Secretary and Treasure books for review.

BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, that all attendees of the Winter Session shall dress in Lodge or Chapter shirts and collars if applicable.

BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, that currently Winter Session is now schedule to be held via a virtual meeting conference.

BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, that all official communications/business for Sunset Grand Lodge jurisdiction will be conducted using the Sunset Grand Lodge email system.  No personal email accounts should be used to communicate or conduct the business of Sunset Grand Lodge.

BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, that all members of the Sunset Grand Lodge jurisdiction are required to check their Grand Lodge email on a regular bases.
BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN, that Sunset Grand Lodge Jurisdiction of Texas is moving to cashless system.  The Grand Bodies will no longer accept any type of cash payments of dues, taxes, or fees in cash.  All payments to the Grand Bodies should be paid using the electronic system setup by the Grand Bodies for payments. All departments under the Sunset Grand Lodge Jurisdiction will be required to also utilize a cashless system.   


  • All Worshipful Master and Worthy Matrons are required to collect the Winter Session membership Dues from the members of their Lodge\Chapter and is due on January 8,2021. Once all Winter Session dues are collected by you Lodge/Chapter secretary, the Lodge/Chapter Treasurer makes payment for all members via PayPal, to finances@mwsglot.org.
  • Members of Chartered Lodges/Chapters will pay $60 dollars per member. To be collected by the Lodge/Chapter secretary.  Once collected the Lodge/Chapter should pay for all their members in one payment using the payment information listed above.
  • Members of Lodges/Chapters Under Dispensation will pay $125 per member.
  • Member Winter Session dues late fees will be $25 to the member and $25 fine to the Head of the Lodge/Chapter.
  • All Winter Session Membership Dues should be collected by the Lodge/Chapter Secretary.

THEREFORE BE IT KNOWN: The order of events will be as follows:

Saturday January 16, 2021

  • Secretary and Treasurer Workshop……………………..………………………………9:00am-12:00pm
  • Lunch………………………………………………………………………………….12:00pm-1:30pm
  • Officer Only Meeting: (Grand Officers, Worshipful Masters, and Worthy Matrons)…………….1:30pm-3:30pm
  • Winter Session Joint Meeting: (Everyone)………………………………………….4:00pm-7:00pm

This Proclamation must be read in its entirety in every Lodge/Chapter meeting until the date of January 11, 2021. Done under my hand and the Great Seal of the M.W. Sunset Grand Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, State of Texas, to affix hereto, this 23rd day of November 2020 A.D., 6020 A.L.

Text Box: Sunset Grand Lodge Grand Secretary
DiJon Wilson

Send rosters and forms to:
Email: grandsecretary357@mwsglot.org
Attn: Winter Session

Send payments via:
PayPal:  finances@mwsglot.org
Attn: Winter Session