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The Origins of Freemasonry

The Ancient Foundations

Explore the storied beginnings of the Freemasons, tracing back to the legendary construction of King Solomon’s Temple, a symbol of wisdom and strength that laid the groundwork for Masonic traditions.

The Legacy of Freemasonry and King Solomon's Temple

The Freemasons, a fraternal organization rich in tradition and symbolism, trace their historical roots to the stonemason guilds of the Middle Ages. A pivotal moment in Masonic lore is the construction of King Solomon’s Temple, an event that symbolizes enlightenment and divine connection. This temple, completed in the 10th century BCE in Jerusalem, serves not only as a physical structure but also as a metaphorical blueprint for Masonic teachings and rituals. The craftsmanship and dedication of the Masons who built this temple are celebrated in Masonic teachings, emphasizing virtues such as brotherly love, charity, and truth.

Exploring Our Foundations

Legacy of the Freemasons: Builders of King Solomon's Temple

Masonic Milestones

Explore significant events in the history of Freemasonry, from ancient origins to modern contributions.

967 BCE

Construction of King Solomon's Temple

The Freemasons trace their esoteric roots back to the construction of King Solomon’s Temple, an event that symbolizes the dawn of Masonic philosophy and craftsmanship.


Formation of the Grand Lodge of England

This year marks the official formation of the first Grand Lodge in London, a pivotal moment that structured Freemasonry’s spread across Europe and the Americas.


George Washington's Masonic Apron

George Washington, a known Freemason, received a richly decorated apron from the French General Lafayette, symbolizing the strong ties between Freemasons and influential leaders of the time.


Charitable Foundations Established

The Freemasons expanded their philanthropic efforts by establishing multiple charitable foundations, focusing on community service and educational scholarships.

Discover the Legacy

Uncover the rich history and enduring influence of the Freemasons on society.