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Petitions for the Dgrees of Masonry

Sunset Grand Lodge official Petitions for the Degrees of Masonry, Petitioners Packet, and Regalia links.

Grand Body Documents

Documents for the members of Sunset to help keep everything organized and running smoothly

Higher degree information

Higher Degree information and links....

Grand lodge fees, taxes, and relief

Lodge Treasurer only. The Lodge Treasurer once a warrant is issued should come here to pay the Lodges Fees, Taxes, and Relief.

Lodge Treasurer Access Only!

Secretary & Treasurer documents

Documents needed by the Subordinate Lodges Secretary and Treasurer

Grand Lodge Officers

This section is for the current Grand Officers only....

Grand Lodge Officers

This section is for the current Grand Officers only....

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay any Taxes, Assessments, Dues or fee’s using one of the methods below.  When making any payments include as much detail in the notes section as to what the payment is for and who is making it.

To Pay via PayPal please send payment to:  finances@mwsglot.org

To via Cash App please send payments to $Cashtag:  $mwsglot

To be a member of this jurisdiction each member pays $120 per year brothers and sisters.  In an effort to make it light on the pocket we’ve broken that payment up into two parts.

  • Grand Lodge membership annual Fee Due in January of every year. The Fee per active member in the amount of $60.00 is due by the 10th of January. (Grand Lodge Fee is subject to change at the discretion of the Grand Lodge)
  • Grand Lodge Annual Grand Session Membership Registration. The Grand Lodge has an annual Fee per active member in the amount of $60.00 due by the 10th of June. (Remember all fees or assessment are subject to change per the Grand Lodge)

–          Understands its purpose is to expand and thrive

–          View innovation and change as opportunities

–          Asks, “What makes our lodge unique?”

–          Trusts another’s ability and judgement

–          Uses consensus in decision-making


–          Treats members with respect and brotherly and sisterly love.

–          Respects all members

–          Share responsibility

–          Is proud of their membership in Masonry

Members make a lodge. If they are irresponsible, incompetent, unethical, unworthy, they can break the lodge. There are two kinds of members, new and old. Each has a definite place in the lodge structure. Each has a particular contribution to make and each requires special handling. Be a productive member of your lodge, help your lodge have HARMONY and LOVE.

As a member of our lodge, we share responsibility for the future of Sunset Grand Lodge. We need to demonstrate our strong commitment to our order and work on showing our community and prospective members that we are an important part of the community.

As you are working on membership plans, remember not to dampen enthusiasm with some of the following statements below:

  • This isn’t My Responsibility
  • You’ll never get anyone to do it
  • It will cost too much
  • There is too much work involved
  • You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
  • That’s not MY problem
  • Say nothing – Complain

Members are the most important part of any lodge. Without them, our lodge would have no existence. Our meeting place would be empty, silent. Your leaders would stand alone, without the followers they must have if they are to carry out their duties, your Constitution and your Bylaws. All of your resolutions would be reduced to so many words, lacking the human factor that gives them life.

The Committee has jurisdiction over all taxation, assessments, dues and other revenue-raising measures to keep the jurisdiction functioning.  The committee reviews the needs of the Grand Bodies to govern this jurisdiction and makes adjustments or addition as needed.

The monthly Ways and Means Lodge/Chapter assessment is $100.00 due by the 10th or every month.  Late fees will apply.